Awww yiss, dat NSFW Eruri commission. Commissioning information.

Levi was too strained at a formal party and Erwin helped him to relax teeny bit (◠‿◠)

Good Night, sweet dreams, dear ~ Mike Zacharias




People say, dreams are mirrors that reflect the heart.

Does sleep bring the tranquility needed to forget the ruthlessness of the day, or is it an abyss harsher than reality?

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Good night, sweet dreams, dear. ~Levi




In his blurry vision, he was standing before a big door.
Night had fallen; the stars were shining in the sky.

         “Where… is this?”
         He hopped off the horse, and the thick heavy door automatically opened.

         “What am I doing…?”
         He had no idea about anything, but he walked towards the door anyway.

         “Levi, welcome. Thank you for coming here.”

          “What’s with that appearance… Erwin.”
         The one who appeared in front of him was a familiar figure, completely different from usual.

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Good night, Sweet dreams, dear ~ Erwin




Erwin Smith doesn’t dream.
Actually he doesn’t have enough sleep, and he sleeps deeply, so he barely realizes that he was dreaming.

“Well, it’s not a nightmare right~”
“You sure sleep efficiently.”
“And, once you wake him up, then he’ll wake up. He’s really a man who’s born to be a commander.”
When they talk about this with Hanji of the Survey Corps, it was surprising.

“Not like I don’t have any dreams at all… It’s just that I try to rest my brain, in order to gain some consciousness.”
“Then, Erwin used to have strange dreams as well?”
A strange dream… Erwin thought of something.

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flowers-for-freaks replied to your post: I just finished NSFW Eruri commission….

you could draw a fanbook or calender that’s just eruri porn and i’m positive you’d make money that way.. Maybe not as a full time job, but some extra cash

I started to work slowly on dat pin-up calendar with veterans and I really hope to finisn it in time (and just finish tbh). And then I’m gonna think out something else. The artbook concept is really tempting, not gonna lie :3 

I just finished NSFW Eruri commission. My work has never been so enjoyable. Can’t wait to post it or reblog it from commissioner (◕‿◕✿)

Guys, GUYS! If you haven’t read Memento Mori by [Hitomi] GO READ IT NOW! It’s my fave doujinshi from now on. It’s perfect and I’m cry ;__;

hi, have you heard of hitomi? she is an awesome eruri artist that draws awesome and her stories have are great, and here is a beautiful dj of hers to make you feel a lot better c: myreadingmanga(.)info/h-eichi-shingeki-kyojin-dj-memento-mori-eng

She’s my favourite Japanese artist cause her Eruris look totally canon and legit and her anatomy and detalization are beyond awesome and did I mention sensual porn huehuehue? So yeah, I totally heard of her!

Thank you for the link anon! You made my morning brighter :3

If it makes you feel better my bff and I (we're girls) call each other guy nicknames using the other's first letter name so she's Irwin and when I was brushing my teeth I went holy shit and changed her name on my phone to Lord&Savior Irwin Smith


Buddy eyebrowed Jesus approves of your life choices!

On a gathering storm comes 
a tall handsome man

In a dusty black coat
with a red right hand

Smoking break from commissions to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song
Some kind of modern criminal Eruris AU. Or not. 


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