Attack On Junior High! Chapter 41 - Bebop Junior High



Attack On Junior High! Chapter 41 - Bebop Junior High


We did the thing!! Thanks to horizonscans group leader and lovely friend, erwvi, we were able to put together a complete scanlation for chapter 41 of the Attack On Junior High spinoff series! Please read it!

BASIC SUMMARY: Erwin Sensei and Levi get along well now, so is it true they used to be enemies?! The members of Survey Club learn the secrets of Erwin’s & Levi’s past and present. This chapter is loosely inspired by the events of Levi’s backstory spinoff, A Choice With No Regrets.

Special thanks also to erwinackerman for bringing this chapter to my attention and inspiring me to translate it! And also to my husband (who is not on tumblr) for helping with proofreading, as well as helping us get ahold of a complete set of scans.

This spinoff is so cute and hilarious, it would be really fun to translate more in the future *3*

Please enjoy!

Oh no baccuroth deactivated, too. Dark times for Eruri fan fiction. 


Yeah, I’ve noticed the same. I never dog on Eren (I love Eren), and if I did include him in a fic, it wouldn’t be in a negative way at all. I think it’s 100% fine to ship what you ship but there’s really, really no reason to be rude about a character. I saw a LOT of ruse posts in the eruri tag after the trailer came out…making fun or eruri and those who ship it, etc, and it was really just disappointing, especially after I’ve stood up for the ereri fandom many times. I just had to remind myself that many ereri shippers are lovely and that they aren’t all like that. After all, I’ve seen plenty of eruri shippers who were rude, so it’s not like we have no one like that in this fandom…

But yeah, honestly, since JUST the trailer sparked that kind of contention, I’m not looking forward to what will be in the tag after the OVA is released.

Sigh. People need to accept Erwin Smith into their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior and that’s just all.




LMfaooooo people need to understand that their favs are literally only still alive because of Erwin Smith. Like he literally saved the entire Survey Corps from execution what that hell.

And not only that but obviously he’s amazing????

Idk the people who like to engage in ship wars have really kicked it up a notch after the OVA trailer came out. Lmfao threatened much?



I can endlessly ramble on about how mean some people can be to Erwin just because he’s such a pain in the ass of their OTP. I’ve never seen Eruri fics where Eren is Levi’s evil ex. But I’ve seen enough of Ereri fics with past Eruri. Some of them use Erwin as a step to Ereri. Like, Levi is ruined and devastated by his entire relationship with Erwin (or by their tough break-up, or by Erwin’s infidelity, or even by Erwin’s death) and finally he finds consolidation on Eren. I think it’s very symptomatic.  

And often Erwin turns out OOC in those fics. It makes me believe that some fic writers equally well could have thought up their own original characters instead of using badly written Erwin. I mean canon relations between Erwin and Levi are based on complete and utter trust, I doubt they would ever hurt each other deeply. 

So yeah, we should brace ourselves as we approach ‘ACWNR’ OVA release ‘cause the most desperate Ereri shippers’re gonna ignore Erwin’s presence there and probably attack on Eruri at some point. 

can i ask what fics have you recently read? i´m starving of good eruri fics

Oh haha, I’m not sure I have some really good taste in fan fiction tho. 

Fics that I just read are here. They are quite sad but also sweet.  

I think I’m gonna make fic rec post soon, it may be helpful for some thirsty Eruri souls like me. 

rivai-lution replied to your post: anonymous said:dudeee yur art is …


Unfortunately it does! Sometimes I stumble into those posts myself and sit here like WTF PEOPLE ERWIN IS PRECIOUS AND IMPORTANT HE MADE SO MUCH FOR HUMANITY HE SACRIFICED A LOT HOW DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THIS.  

And usually it appears to go with all dat Eruri vs. Ereri shipping war shit. Every anti-Erwin post that I saw-EVERY POST-was created by some Ereri shipper. It probably has something to do with Erwin’s mischaracterisation in Ereri fics where Erwin is portrayed as Levi’s evil and abusive ex Idk. And I don’t mean to offend adequate Ereri shippers, it’s just statistics that quite bothers me.      

dudeee yur art is so amazingg!! and thank you, thank you, thank you for still shipping eruri!! Erwin gets so much hate in this fandom and im so happy we have suc ha talented artists still drawing him, I just- bro never stop sketching, u have serious talent!! Hope you have a great week!!

Bruh, BRUH! Thank you so much! It’s the best message to start a new week with! 

I just want to hug all peeps who love Erwin like I do cause big blonde eyebrow bae needs to be protected at all costs! 

And what did you mean by ‘still shipping’? I’ve never shipped anything that hard in my entire life and I’m not gonna stop any time soon. Also that’s kinda funny cause I just finished another Eruri fic :D 

Can you please draw 1p2p! Usuk if you can <3 love your blog.

Sorry but I only draw freestyle


Or commission-style.

avatar the last airbender

Put a fandom in my ask and I will draw a sketch of my favourite character in that fandom for you.

Can’t choose won’t choose!

I don't know if you've watched it but... Natsume Yuujinchou? (or if not, Bleach? :>)

Put a fandom in my ask and I will draw a sketch of my favourite character in that fandom for you.

Didn’t watch dat first thing so yah, my ‘Bleach’ beef boyf.  

Hetalia (If are you still doing it, please?)

Put a fandom in my ask and I will draw a sketch of my favourite character in that fandom for you.

O man, I was into ‘Hetalia’ like what, a life ago? Not gonna lie tho I loved dat man, ‘cause he was so Evgeny Plushenko.


Steven Universe!

Put a fandom in my ask and I will draw a sketch of my favourite character in that fandom for you.



I don’t know if this was already done before but I feel like I need to do this, so idk, and this was before a thing that a friend of mine wanted me to do for him, so idk, I wanted to post it here

my babies are canon<3333

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Love Each Other. It’s Canon. Let’s Celebrate.

At a recent public event, the actress, Olivia Olson, who voices Marceline on the show Adventure Time, revealed it is official canon that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline used to date. She learned this in a conversation with Pendleton Ward, the show’s creator. Here’s the video evidence.

To celebrate their relationship through our favorite fan art, click here!

When I’m upset I just go to SnK wikia and


'Genre: Shōjo'.

Wow, incredible.