I’ve never really drawn like that, so some kind of study I guess? Also I tried unknown SAI brushes. I should practice more.  

Book 4, Ep. 3 (mind potential spoilers!)

I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours and I was gonna take a rest but I accidentally watched the newest episode of LoK on the way to my bed. So, the real question is: how am I supposed to sleep now? I HAVE FEELS. Seriously, every single episode, every single scene is glorious and 22 minutes are just not enough. SIGH.  

- When Toph said that she saw Su and Lin from her swamp, adjsaljlsadjlksd! 
- I want Korra to prove Toph wrong about her being the worst avatar, I want Korra to show Toph her real power. The whole interraction between Toph and Korra is priceless tho! I’M LOVING IT.
- Dang Kuvira is tough. Dat’s how I like mah girls. Please destroy me with your eyebrow game.  
- Wu is hella gay. 
- Probably for Mako.
- Bros reunion!
- Bolin looks bad-ass and Mako doesn’t really. Who’s the coolest now?
- TOPH!!!
- Airbending trio to the rescue!
- Varrick is performing some crazy-ass science shit. He is basically Tony Stark of the show.
- TOPH!!!!!!!! 

Everything is LoK and nothing hurts. Now I’m gonna sit here patiently waiting for gifsets to spam your dashes. 


squeezing in with a picture of the birthday boy!! huffs I’m glad I made it


yes this is totally shingekinokitty btw. changed my url.

Levi got him a taboo book with information on creatures they’ve never seen. Just don’t ask him how he got it.

Happy Birthday Erwin!!!

(you might wanna full size this awkward thing… I waited too late to get started….)

PLEASE PLEASE DRAW ERWIN I NEED IT (also it's his birthday 2day~) 😏



robin-birdly replied to your post: I’ve never really drawn like that, so …

I don’t watch the show, but I like this very much. Especially the way you colored the face.

Thank you! It’s important to know and encourages to keep practicing! Tbh I became pretty lazy after her face (which is pretty evident imo). 

I’ve never really drawn like that, so some kind of study I guess? Also I tried unknown SAI brushes. I should practice more.  

I feel bad for people who came to my blog for Legend of Korra posts or anything else.

They haven’t realized until now. 

stereobone replied to your post: Meanwhile Erwin’s birthday is coming! …

OR BETTER YET levi with frosting on his nipples and dong and a lil bow on his head happy birthday mr commander /slides away

cough cough cough 

Oh well


a lil birthday comic for our favourite commander, in light of ch. 62

(more under cut!)



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